Rules and Roles

As you all know there have to be some rules to order the chaos around us so here we go:


For now we have only two strict rules that people should follow.

1st. Use #poetsunited tag.

2nd. you have to upvote and comment on two previous posts.  you will need to leave short explanation of your work and who were the people who you upvoted and commented.

Those are just two simple rules please read and follow them. Thank you.



Roles: At the moment we have 3 Roles that can be aquired in our community.
1 . Restless Soul – Founders / Great Contributors (Anyone can become a Restless Soul in the community if he is putting the required efforts). Also any promoted Restless Soul can be demoted in case of long inactivity or 0 contribution while active.  At the moment we do not have strict measures as who and how can become one. All that is needed right now at the beginning is to be active and to participate in the making of the daily issues and making a show or an event which benefits the community.
2 . Contributors/Donors – People Writing Daily Dose , Organizing Events, Promoting The Community, Donors, Delegators. This Role Gives you access to the Contributors Section . As a Reward for Contribution all Contributors will be Enrolled in the #steembasicincome program.
3 . Active Poets – Those are members that write their poems with #poetsunited tag and also are actively engaging with the people in the community either in Discord or Commenting Upvoting others work on Steemit. Also they participate in weekly events and show dedcation to the group development. Being an active poet gives you opportunity to be choosen in the Top 3 of the Active Members Challenge.(Enrollment on Steem Basic Income).Now to be more precise in the pick we have @MEE6 bot to count your words in the server you can write !rank to check out your position in the rankings… Take note this is not the only factor for the outcome of the weekly Most Active Member Challenge…
If you want a different role and you have a nice idea and proposal for a new role opening please feel free to share it with some of our restless souls.

There is a new ROLE that will be Introduced Soon in the Society it is called SUBSCRIBER. If you are interested what this role will be please do not hesitate to ask the Restless Souls.

God Bless You All. Peace and Love.