Poets United Online Social Community Magazine for Poetry

Welcome to Poets United Community!

Poets United is a social community and on-line magazine for poetry and prose. This website is created in order to provide exposure for poets as they rightly deserve so. The Poets United project started in January 2018 by a handful of people but is growing rapidly.

We are the first decentralized, dedication driven and self funded community for poets. The members of this community work toward a common goal: more exposure for poetry and prose in the on-line realm. Each member has the opportunity to become a leading figure in the community based on their efforts and actions within the community.

We at Poets United believe in crypto currencies and a block-chain future. We are aiming for maximum exposure on all social platforms available right now and the new social platforms of the future.

Everyone is welcome to join us on Discord and meet their fellow poets and poetry lovers. If you are a writer of poetry or just interested in poetry, consider becoming a member of this society. Please do not hesitate to register.

We publish a daily issue of the best works produced by our community, called “The Daily Dose of Poetry and Prose”.

If you become a subscriber you will be able to have your own poems featured in our daily issue and get other great perks.

If you have any questions or want to become a contributor by writing one of our community publications, just join our Discord server to speak with one of the @RestlessSouls. A “restless soul” is the highest role available on our Discord server. There are more roles, if you want to learn more you can find more information in the #rules-roles channel on our Discord. Be sure to read this if you decide to join our server, to avoid confusion and disappointment.

At this moment our main social network is Steemit.com. Our communal accounts on here are:

Poets Unit, our Upvote Bot
CleansingPoetry, our  Resteem + Bid Bot Service

http://steemit.com/@poetsunited – The New Official Account Of the Community. 

As Of Today PoetsUnited is as well on https://Twitter.com/poetsunitedorghttps://Facebook.com/poetsunited.org and https://minds.com/poetsunited.