Community Bots (Delegation)

Here are the community bots and what they do :

@poetsunit (Free Upvote Bot Of Posts +(only for subscribers 50% Vote) )

A unique bot with availability to Upvote your Posts !!!
The Power of the Bot is Funded by Part of the Subscription Packs Membership and by delegators.

For all Delegators above 100SP the bot Trails them for 2 upvotes a day at 100% power at the moment.

Subscribers the voting power is 50% too at the moment 0.07 (12 Hours Cooldown)

Free Users the voting power is at 10% valued at 0.01 SBD (24 Hours Cooldown)

You can Use This Bot By Joining Our Discord Server and Register in #register channel. Than Follow the instructions.


The First Poetry and Art Exclusive Resteem Bid Bot. Delegate to receive 80% of daily profits. 20% Goes @poetsunited to support the community and pay the maintenance costs.

If you want a resteem you got to send a bid of at least 0.05 SBD in order to the the Resteem.
If you want just to bid you can send amounts from 0.001 to 1 SBD . Each Round Lasts 2,4H so do not expect the resteems to be instant.

If you have any questions please find any Restless Soul in the Discord Server or write us at

Please Consider Donations of Any Kind. Thank You.