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You too can submit poetry for the next dose, or lend us a hand in deciding which poems get featured. If you haven’t a poem to submit, help us compose an introduction to a poem in the next dose. Our publications are posted to Facebook, Steemit, Twitter and other poetry-related sites.

Here are the three most highly-rated poems shared in our community recently.



3rd Spot The Clown that Frowned by @yuki-nee
Photo Alexas on Pixabay (CC0 License)


This time, a fable-like piece of prose poetry, which brings home a point that if we break out of our isolation, we stand a chance to discover new and potentially life-changing perspectives and new possibilities.

2nd Spot The Battle by @snook
Photo sourced from Pexels (CC0 License)

When you read these lines, you might hear the sensitivity of a nurturing spirit, or the battle cries of a champion soul. The lines are surreal and, coming as they do from a humble and yet so influential steemian, they’re typically inspiring.

Each less than one
The story goes
Pride of the lion


1st Spot See SPAN  by @enginewitty
MMA Body Fighter (orzzzz: some rights reserved)

Is this a titillating take on the news, or the weather, or an honest working man’s resolve? We have it on good authority, in the midst of all such distractions, a force field is doing the rounds, causing folks to invoke their muses, perchance to dream, and emerging, to confound. And aren’t we thrilled about it!?

like a ball and tether
holly or heather
I forget who’s better


Thanks to everyone else for sharing such interesting poetry in our server. Stay tuned for another and more, just what the doctor implored.

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