Daily Dose

Poets United: Daily Dose of Poetry and Prose #110


The Daily Dose #110

The best verse and prose poetry submitted to our public
and subscribers’ promo channels from
24 August ~ 2 September 2018


This dose is the result of the combined efforts of two members at poetsunited. We read the poems and made our selections independently. Here’s another dose for you. Show your appreciation for the poetry by leaving a comment on the writers’ blog post.


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3rd Spot If I May Take Thy Hand by @blockurator

Feast your ears on a a modified sestina, a fixed verse poem written especially for steemit. If you’re unfamiliar with the sestina and want to learn about it, @blockcurator leads this post with all the information you every wanted to know about it. Every word was carefully selected. We thank him for sharing his knowledge and poetic skills.

Of my hovering swarm as it unwraps the rope
Of stainless steel from my bottled-up Love!

2nd Spot Forget about the Pain by @madevi



Deep emotions are expressed in this risqué fixed verse creation, calling on a lover to recoup the passion and vision of a time gone by. The lines succeed in developing rich metaphors from detailed images.

to be grinding away at the aftermath
of those disasters we had to face

1st Spot The Coals by @acousticsteveo

Short free verse poetry that manages to fill the space of dreams and trance. In impressionist style, the short lines present the image of coal as metaphor for a cycle of of birth, turmoil, death and re-birth.

the weakness
falling over broken cobblestones
of a forgotten town


And now, here are more poems written by our community supporters and promoted in our discord promotion channel.

Fake Words, and Feel The Loss the first two of four poems by @angelveselinov grapple with the hard times when we question if we are on the right path. Remember is a bit of nostalgia worked into some cool rhymes. It is Never Enough is an optimistic glance at what the future may hold when we show love and support to others.


– This is another original piece of work by @madevi – a senryu with the perfect meter and number of ‘on’, in both Dutch and English languages. voor jou. A short masterpiece that grabs the heart strings, impressing on the reader a deep an memorable expression of love.


April by @oculussensori is a seasonal piece of rhyming verse that is bound to motivate.


@trumanity – an older to a young of things Rays for Rei.



Thanks to everyone who shared their poetry. Some of these posts may be older than 7 days, in which case be sure to visit the person’s blog and enjoy the rest of their beautiful poetry!

This Dose was prepared by @mizdais   and @trumanity for @poetsunited




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