Daily Dose

Poets United: Daily Dose of Poetry and Prose #109


The Daily Dose #109

The best verse and prose poetry submitted to our public
and subscribers’ promo channels from
15 August ~ 23 August 2018


This dose is the result of the combined efforts of three curators for poetsunited who read the poems and made their selections independently, after which they came to their final choices by consensus.


Now, enjoy these beautiful verses, then take a step by showing your appreciation with a comment below and on the writers’ blog post. I guarantee you will make a friend whenever you reach out in that way.


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The A-B-C of Life by @oculussensori

3rd Spot


This poem expresses the nature of the heart and mind, integrity and forgiveness. A beautiful poem about learning to appreciate the wisdom that comes from experiences, to help build but not let ourselves become stepping stones and most importantly, to remember to live!!

And live your day, as if the last one would be,
And love so much, that you feel you would fly..

Karel Loves by @seifiro

2nd Spot



An homage to a beautiful girl once met, a girl who’s gaze leaves one starstruck and who’s path meets no defiance. So much so that nature itself, always ensures her gracious steps

The world breaks
in a little tear of yours
in the serene repose of the cold.

Dreamy Night by @vegaron

1st Spot


Dreamy Night conveys a tension against the injunction to conform. It is a tale of a tortured soul, who’s reality is as much a nightmare as his dreams are.

Somehow he is breathing really tight
He cannot shake the feeling that they
Are pulling him inside a world of black and white

And now, here are more poems written by our community supporters and promoted in our discord promotion channel.

–  More free verses by @acousticsteveo in the series: Emerging (20)


Poetry is Back has a rhyme scheme which lends itself to an up-beat mood – this poem was written by @angelveselinov. Priceless comprises rhyming verse to motivate, also by @angelveselinov.


–  FiXation 1998 by @cyemela, is a poem from a published audio book which contains romantic images dealing with the transient nature of time.


–  @daniel-otaniel posted information about A Poetry Contest


–  Rhyming verses concerning integrity and responsibility by @madevi in this poem entitled the journey is the destination


–  @mizdais submitted this free verse poem concerning choices about independence, career and romance. An interesting mix of emotion and reasoning, the poem is called, I Choose You.


–  A free-write by @oculussensori, develops upon a metaphor of The Dinner, for sustaining oneself within a constrained form of existence.  Also, a dark and graphic free-write poem by @oculussensori Between 2 Nights, brings to mind hardship and tribulation.


– In this free verse, @vegaron’s Cause and Effect touches on taking responsibility for one’s actions, and against acting recklessly, just hoping for the best.  A second submission  entitled, Cause and Effect, comprises four stanzas with rhyming verses conveying an argument about actions and consequences.


Thanks to everyone who shared their inspiring poetry. Some of these posts may be older than 7 days, in which case be sure to visit the person’s blog and enjoy the rest of their beautiful poetry!


This Dose prepared by @ange.nkuru,     @madevi   and @trumanity for @poetsunited



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