Poets United: Summer Break is Over Back on Track ( Friday Talk Show Reminder )

Hello Everyone. The Summer Break for @poetsunited is over and we are back on track.

Today is Friday and we want to remind you about the awesome Friday Talk show that will be on tonight.

Come Join us in Discord Voice Channel if you want to join in the talk and represent yourself.

Or you can watch the live Stream at with starting time 10 PM GMT

@angelveselinov and @madevi will be hosts as usual.

We have prepared some interesting stuff for you all. Hope to see you there. We will talk about the Witness Server Progress and our plans for its income. Give your witness vote for @poetsunited this way you will be helping to increase the SP of our free voting bot for poetry @poetsunit.

Furthermore we will be discussing the new Start of the Season and what are the directions our community will be taking. Hope to see you all there soon.

During the summer we have been brainstorming new ideas and projects. We will be happy to announce them as soon as we have them ready for launch so stay tuned.

It has been an awesome ride so far everyone thank you for the constant support and involvement with the community. We have to give special thanks to @trumanity, @madevi, @mizdias, @ange.nkuru for keeping the Daily Dose alive during this summer even if it has been a weekly effort.

One other feature we want to introduce is Gaining points for contributions to the community which later will translate into either poetsunited Token or Steem . As soon as the witness server starts producing more of that precious Steem Power.

Here are Some Statistics and Acomplishments Of Poets United Community  : / Registered Users / : 100

Discord Server Members : 570

Witness Server Position(@poetsunited): 125

Free Upvote Bot (@poetsunit) : 1020 SP

Registered Users With the upvote bot : 200

Daily Doses Issues # 107

Upcom Command For everyone to upvote others comments.

Subscription Packs (For Proven and Approved Poets)

First Poetry Resteem Bid Bot (@cleansingpoetry) : 400+ Followers / 100 SP/ Delegate SP to profit.

Friday Poetic Live Talk Show Episodes : 34

Probably there are a lot of things that we have forgotten to mention but those are some of the highlights of our efforts and the results out of them. We are grateful for all the support and dedication that many of you have put in. Thank you all. God Bless You. Peace and Love.

Poets Unite !!! Together We Are Stronger !!!

Our subscription pack, exclusively for poets, gives you:
* The power to curate and expand your network.
* Increase your following via our community Twitter, Facebook, Minds and our very own community website!
* Get three resteems via @cleansingpoetry every month!
* Use our upvote bot to upvote posts at a high percentage.
* Use our exclusive upcom bot to upvote great comments at a high percentage.
* Access to our 24/7 poetic broadcast channel where you get paid to speak.
* Quickly count your returns from the small monthly contribution (still less than 1 SBD).

Are we really all that!? Well, the proof is in the pudding, as they say.