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The Daily Dose #108

The best verse and prose poetry submitted to our public
and subscribers’ promo channels from
6 August ~ 12 August 2018

This dose is the result of the combined efforts of three curators for poetsunited who read the poems and made their selections independently, after which they came to their final choices by consensus.

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3rd Spot While I was Waiting by @ifeoluwa88


Image on Pixabay CC0 License


At times, life can be cruel and cause one to feel like giving up. Sooner or later, someone or something will come along that will make the waiting worthwhile. A very lovely and encouraging poem by @ifeoluwa88, a recent addition to our community.”

Because it hurts to hope for the impossible
All I had was a suitcase of sad stories
With my walls built way high and impossible.



2nd Spot Lost by @vegaron


Photo, PixaBay CC0 License


This well-composed villanelle explores the reckless nature of youthfulness, and the price one pays for it.



Drugs and money he gets to play
With them he was truly fearless.                                       But was struck awake by reality one day.






1st Spot Aeternity  by @oculussensori


Source, Susanne Leist


Aeternity contains vivid imagery of a forest scene which develops a provoking metaphor for us to ponder our experience of life, our thoughts on death and the finite nature of time.


The Spider of sublime dreaming, treading as if in doubt
And too would step as well, on the stretched web of hopes,
Which further tears it’s tip, the higher it treads
Clipped in a star, a tip held in chaos.





And now, here are more poems written by our community supporters and promoted in our discord promotion channel …. 

– Here’s the nineteenth part of Stephen’s series about growing up, entitled Emerging. His speaker is troubled yet fascinated by new memories, although still unsure whether or not he wants to know the whole truth behind them.
– @angelveselinov with another motivational poem just like he loves them! Folks, it’s no secret that The Price of our beloved Steem doesn’t inspire much confidence right now. In his poem, he reminds us that markets have cycles. That the only way to ball later, is to invest now, in steem and it’s communities and hope we will be reaching for the moon soonest.
– Allen Taylor – aka @blockurator – shared three previously-published poems. Battlefield Confession is a sad and questioning piece, yet finds it’s way clear to suit it’s verses in uniformed honor. The second poem entitled simply, Life explores the devastating experience of grief. The closing verses hold lessons of hope. The Old Shows is a poem which reflects on the past, speculates on the present and in the process, reminds us what matters most.
Offensive Emptiness by @madevi draws our attention to modernity and how it appears to separate us from ourselves. A very relatable problem, that many of us are affected by.
Death is an entry for a poetry contest, the theme being ‘death’ – A thrilling read by @mizdais. A second offering by her, entitled No Hiding is a prose poem which tells a story with some intrigue.
– @run-the-bits gives us an update on where he’s at with some complex personal and professional challenges in this post titled – Reflections. Go armed with a Google Search tool. We wish you well, friend. We’re poetically united!
– A short poem about shedding regrets for time wasted, and moving on contributed by @trumanity – it seemed like an idea. By the same writer, the short poem, Apartrap Drive , recollects a drive in a car, and small events in the lives of the travelers.

Thanks to everyone who shared their inspiring poetry. Some of these posts may be older than 7 days, in which case be sure to visit the person’s blog and enjoy the rest of their beautiful poetry!



This Dose prepared by @ange.nkuru,   @mizdais and @trumanity for @poetsunited


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