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The Daily Dose #105

Read the best verse and prose poetry submitted to our public
and subscribers’ promo channels from
18 July ~ 21 July 2018

Be assured, we are working hard to deliver the best services to grow a community of poetry lovers on steemit. Each one of us can show  support, offer assistance and friendliness to help one another express creativity freely. Not everyone is a writer of the calibre of those featured in the doses, but all of us have beautiful creative energy that is waiting to find expression.

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3rd Spot I Stole a Holding Hands by @gaeljosser


Watercolor by Gael Josser Assume All Rights Reserved

A poem with verses that express adoration and wondering about a partner lying beside a childlike speaker. The verses imply nudity, with skin on skin, and yet there’s a yearning expressed for affirmation of intimacy. One can assume there is some power to determine the destiny over the speaker’s presence, being held mysteriously by the silent character. The closing lines imply joy, that anything of this adoration is reciprocated, and yet the evidence of such remains something to be inferred from nothing but a tiny gesture, which in reality, could mean anything at all

… when my hand left yours
you found your way
to hold it again

2nd Spot kiki by @kamiikazer


Photo on PixaBay (CC0)

These verses flow with complex contradiction. There’s a sense of conflict merged with insight that comes from different events or scenes. The poem consist of four stanzas – about life – each developing unique metaphors, different considerations, and ending ultimately in the sound which is the title itself. A cry of pain, an echo perhaps?

… In search of scores to settle
War to quench my thirst.
Now the war has ended
I become a thief waiting the nights.

1st Spot A Foxtrot on the Road of Death  by @breezin


Image on PixaBay(CC0)

This poem takes a well-deserved spot by virtue not only of the clarity of the images that it’s verses paint in the imagination, nor for the strong emotions they evoke, but for the fact it represents a courageous voice from a place so complex that it has a tendency to confuse and tear most people apart from heart to conscience. @breezin said she wrote this poem ”on request regarding a cash in transit heist that I drove into a month or so ago” .

From the first to second stanzas, a sense of urgency and suspense is built effectively in lines like these:

The bond between rubber and tarmac so imminently clear
when explosives deafened the vigilant ear.


And now, here are more poems written by our community supporters and promoted in our discord promotion channel …. 

  • – Two poems by the prolific writer and singer – yes, check out his openmic offering! In the first, @acousticsteveo conveys a truism and invents a metaphor – where love is a battery – Take a look see, how  that falls into place in the poem, Illusion of HateThere is also a poem, one in a memorable series of recollection: Emerging 11.
  • Now on to a side question for those of you who smoke. Will you ever quit burning those stinky, old-fashioned things? If not, why not? What is it that attracts you to foolishness and self-destruction? @angelveselinov wrote this poem –  Addiction,   in which he cleverly presents us with a metaphor for our obsessional grabbing things which ultimately lead to very little that is beneficial, and a whole lot that is destructive in the end.
  • A similar sentiment is expressed in this poem by @deeclown, his poem World without Hate , calls on us to realise that vanity is not an energy to live by if it is a change in our world that we hope to see.
  • @hash-tag submitted this poem called A Freakish Dream The short lines create a sense of weird confusion and anxiety. A very interesting poem. 
  • @moeknows submitted – The Plight of the Wise A poem about truth and trust. These  short powerful verses flow with rhythm and rhyme and clever puns. 
  • @vegaron submitted – Mysterious Stream  a dream chaser’s villanelle.

Thanks to everyone who shared their inspiring poetry. Some of these posts may be older than 7 days, in which case be sure to visit the person’s blog and enjoy the rest of their beautiful poetry!

Thanks to everyone who shared their poetry.

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