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180 days of Poetsunited Poetry Review and Vote battle (part 3 of 10)

180 days of Poets United! (3/10)

i’ve been dreaming about steeming
about steem, steempower, lots of bots
inspired creative juices, to go streaming
i feel like a leopard, rediscovering his spots
counting this ballad i have filled five slots
and i been dreaming about steeming, to inspire
with markdown still a game of connect the dots
whatever happens happens, it all will transpire

now this here is a ballad, to opinions free
for you, the community of the mighty steem
it’s where we all come together or individualy
where we muse, share vision, poem and a dream
here we amplify each other like a laser beam
each of us their focus on the close and dear
reading, growing, adding to the conscious stream
we remain respectful, see no need to smear

i hope i have inspired, every single one of you
please lend your voice to this greatest choir
where future isn’t happenings, but what we do
on steemit there’s plenty room, for many a highflier
it all comes down to what it is, to what you so aspire
to share your musings of the day, no matter how bizar
when they’re added to the chain, they live out on the wire
then ‘digital forget me nots’, that’s truly what they are

so you too can make your mark, and also not expire
you might be very good at it, shine out like a star
just follow that soul fire, might get me to admire
if you’re open and creative, you still might go far

(this is an old poem of mine, published on steemit 6 months ago.)

HelloPoets and poetry Lovers!

Poetsunited is 6 months old, technically still in the “teething” age but instead of crying we’re are smiling!

We want to celebrate this occasion by selecting the 100 best poems out of the hundreds that were submitted to us over this period. All of these poems deserve more attention than they got in our opinion, even if they were reviewed in the Daily Dose.

So we have come up with a novel way to make those poems earn some more praise, votes and comments once again. Right below this post are 10 comments by @poetsunit, they are numbered the same as the poems in the list below this text.

If like a poem and you would like to give it an upvote, then upvote the comment where the poem is mentioned. Comments can go on the original post or below the matching comment here. We will make sure the liquid post payouts will go towards the original author. We think this is an awesome way to get the old poems some of the shine they deserve. Obviously you can vote for more than one poem! We are going to make 10 posts with 10 poems like this, the poem that gets the highest number of votes on August 1st will win 5 sbd, the number two will win 3 and the number three will win 2 sbd, on top of their post payouts! So, if one of your poems is mentioned in one of the 10 issues you might want to give your friends a nudge 😉 Also every poem that is mentioned in these 10 issues will be reviewed again when we make it to a year, that would be 15 January 2019. Who knows? We might even get it out on paper by then! Our very own paper “One Year Anniversary” issue! So, with all that being said, let’s get to the first ten poems now:

And remember: Do not upvote the original poem! They are all past post payout, so no use…

(If you want to read the comments or see the vote going on, click [here] to visit the original Steemit post)

21 @queenerica Beauty in the Ordinary
22 @madevi luctor et emergo
23 @udezee For Pleasure or Pain
24 @bennettitalia The Visitor
25 @tcpaikano Your Body
26 @mah7 Wilted Flowers
27 @escuetapamela Memories
28 @quillfire For The People
29 @cheryldavis Moments We Had
30 @akinboyewa Where I Want to Be

These are our first ten picks! Tomorrow we will have ten new old poems for you!
If you got inspired to write a poem about poetsunited and would like it to be the intro for one of the remaining nine posts, send it to a Restless Soul…

Now let the upvote-battle begin!

The @Poetsunited Team.

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