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Poets United : Monthly Subscription Report #2 (Feedback Welcome) (Resubscribe for July Last Call)

Welcome Everyone to the first of its kind Monthly Subscription Report of Poets United.

Shout out to all People That have not registered for July …

Date From To Amount Unit Memo
2018-05-25, 18:18 omedina88 poetsunited 0.500 SBD Subscription Fee June 2018
2018-05-23, 23:59 cryptoprofessor poetsunited 0.500 SBD subscription june 2018
2018-05-18, 20:48 hattaarshavin poetsunited 0.500 SBD Subscribers Fee and May and 2018
2018-05-15, 16:48 warpedpoetic poetsunited 0.500 SBD subscription may 2018
2018-05-09, 01:46 vuds poetsunited 0.500 SBD subscriber fee June 2018
2018-05-08, 12:54 outtayourbox poetsunited 0.500 SBD subscriber fee JUNE
2018-05-07, 04:13 sgt-dan poetsunited 0.500 SBD Subscriber fee May
2018-05-04, 11:14 edi.purnama poetsunited 0.500 SBD Subscription Fee May 2018
2018-05-03, 05:32 acousticsteveo poetsunited 0.500 SBD donation
2018-04-30, 21:07 pupu93 poetsunited 0.500 SBD Subscription Fee May 2018
2018-04-30, 03:34 illusions16 poetsunited 0.500 SBD subscriber fee may
2018-04-29, 15:01 lymepoet poetsunited 0.500 SBD subscriber fee May
2018-04-28, 20:43 iamceezee poetsunited 0.500 SBD subscription may 2018
2018-04-23, 13:29 chaosreignstv poetsunited 0.500 SBD subscriber fee MAY
2018-04-18, 21:55 ange.nkuru poetsunited 0.500 SBD subscriber fee may 2008
2018-04-18, 01:19 mizdais poetsunited 0.500 SBD Subscriber fee May 2018
2018-04-16, 11:56 vuds poetsunited 0.500 SBD subscriber fee May


We are happy to have such big interest in the Services Provided. Right now we have 470 Members in our community .

Active Subscribers Until End Of July : 10

Active Subscriptions Paid Till The End Of the Year : 9 ( @madevi , @vegaron  , @trumanity , @angelveselinov , @cori )

Free Subscription Pack Owners for July : 1 ( @moeknows ) ,

So we have already 13 People Resubscribing.

For the month of  July we have calculated estimated returns for subscribers to be 0,9 Liquid SBD + 0,4 steem + 0,8 SP rewards if all of the votes are used every day… and that is only using the bot… So we can claim that Poets United provides one of the best services for its Value compared to Fee…

We will be able to sustain the value of the Bot Upvotes until the end of July… If not much people resubscribe we will be forced to either make the Fee cost more or we will have to put down the voting values… Well we hope it will not come down to this as we expect even bigger growth of the service in the Future.

We want to thank all Delegators to our Bot. @poetsunit

Each Delegator (150 SP++) Get the benefit of having 2 votes at 100% bot power  each day put on trail.

Right Now we have 2 Delegators like this ( @enginewitty and @angelveselinov )

We encourage more people to delegate and get great returns .

For only month and a half since we started the Free Upvote Service we have already more than 120 users using it. Furthermore we have implemented special script that checks if the persons using the free vote have upvoted your witnesses if not than they are not able to use it.

Overall it has been an awesome time having you all guys around.  Thank you for your support and dedication.

We are looking forward to keep making you more happy and satisfied with the results.

God Bless. Peace and Love.

@angelveselinov for @poetsunited


So Our Upvote Bot Upvotes now for 0,03 SBD at 50% Power… (ONLY FOR SUBSCRIBERS AND 100SP DELEGATORS). The bot free upvotes for other members of the community right now are at 10% power and 0,01 SBD Value. The time for cooldown is 24 hours right now.

We want to thank @enginewitty [Witness] For his generous Delegation to @poetsunit bot of 200SP . He is the second witness supporting now the Poets United Community. So we encourage everyone who has been using the bot to give his vote for him. . If there are other delegators (100SP++) to the bot they will be put on trail as well at 100% power.

We are happy to have any help such as upvotes and donations to make things running. The best way to help is also Delegation to our bots @poetsunit (Free Upvote Bot for Poets and Writers Use it in our server) and @cleansingpoetry(The First Poetry Resteem Bid Bot with Genuine Following and Interested Active Followers Loving Poetry )

We are also looking for any help in making the Daily Doses and Other Community Issues.

Please Help Our Witness @yahnosh01 by giving him one of your witness votes. He has been amazing with his help and contributions and we are looking forward for his new developments. It is important to support him. Thank You All.

Here is the post about the Free Upvote Bot
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