Poets United : Community Report #17 ( Free Uvote Bot 0.02 SBD still in action :))

Welcome to the Community Report!#17  ($upcom Upvote Comment Function NOT Working )

Howdy Awesome Poets. It is time for another Community Report from Poets United.

We are happy to be having our  Free Upvote Bot @poetsunit UP and Running also the upvote comment ($upcom) command is NOT working just for now we are working to fix that asap.

It is also a pleasure to tell you that the bot hits with 0.07SBD for Subscribers and 0.02 SBD for free users … 

Preparing for next month we want to Remind all Subscribers that have not resubscribed to do so if they want to continue to use Poets United Services. We are asking for everyone who can to do it a bit earlier as this way we will be able to get more delegation with the Subscribers Fees. Right now we have around 920 SP. 300 SP of which will expire at the middle of the month we hope we will be able to renew it at least partially.

We have quite a number of new Subscribers for obvious reasons… It pays out to be one… 🙂

Shoutout To All Subscription Pack Owners. Thank You. For the support.

Subscription Pack Owners : 32

@cyemela @MizDais[Cherry-White] @madevi @vuds @trumanity
@stairway2heaven @nationall @vegaron @dhaarmiie @fishyculture
@angelveselinov @run-the-bits @acousticsteveo @oneazania @shawnsporter
@cryptoprofessor @narcoustics @outtayourbox @pupu93 @sargento
@moonshine @kamiikazer @hattaarshavin @alxgraham @edi.purnama
@zaimrofiqi @warpedpoetic

let’s not forget @enginewitty and @yanosh01 Who got their Packs Because of the Contributions They Have Made tot the Community. Please vote for Both Of Them As Witnesses !!! Support the people that keep Steemit Alive!!! 

All of the Subscribers Get Now All These Services To Use.

Membership In (Authors Account + Access to Special Tutorial Sections)

Access to the section in our Discord.

* 1 published poem on per month in the Poet’s Spot Section.

* 3 Resteems + upvote  per month from @cleansingpoetry Vote Weight 0.03$ (Our bot for resteems and upvotes exclusive for poetry).

* 1 free upvote every 12hours by @poetsunit our free upvote bot Voting @ 0.07$ (SP powered up by 30% of subscriptions will be powered up each month). Use Channel #subscriber-upvote to get the full power vote. Just By using the bot 2 times every 24 hours amounts now to 3 $ worth of votes for one month which Is around 1,4 SBD payout. You already made your subscription money x 2 times!!!

* Subscribers now have the ability to $upcomm (upvote others comments) they can substitute the comments with their upvotes for the day or mix it …. Expect the new packs to come related to more usage of comments.

* Ability to post in Subscriber-promo-channel, and always (at least) get mentioned in the Daily Dose.

* Access to the #crypto-help channel where you can ask and get your questions answered.

* Use A special channel will be created in Authors Self-Promotion Section to promote your works

* Tutorial Section ( How to Succeed In Decentralized – Social Networks ) (Still In The Works)

* Ability to write community issues (Daily Dose, Daily Report, Contest etc.)

They get all of this for just 0.7 SBD a month!

We invite you to also get the subscriber package so you will support the community in it’s growth. Poets Unite!

Members in Discord : 420
Subscribers: 32
Restless Souls: 8
Restless Witnesses:2 (@yanosh01 , @enginewitty ) (Please Give Two Of Your Witness Votes For Them They Deserve It)
Bots: 2 @poetsunit (free upvote bot) , @cleansingpoetry (Resteem Bid Bot) (ALL Delegations Welcome Help Out Poets)

We want to thank everyone for the donations! Thank you all that Upvoted our Issues and Reports. It really means a lot for us as it has become a full time day and night job to keep the community running.

We hope that the model works out and we are able to make a Sustainable Income For All Our Writers and People who put work into the community.


New Income

Post Payouts  Subscription Fees Paid 10


Funds Left At the Moment of posting :

$30 SBD

This concludes our 17th community report,
Here is the new post of our community free upvote bot LINK
Here is the post about the Free Upvote Bot
If you want to know more about the Subscription Pack Click Here

@angelveselinov   For Poets United 

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