Poet's Spot

The Poets Spot – An Original Poem

Publish at the Poet’s Spot
Get yourself another green dot

Making a publication
Get’s you in better situation

You get a feature in the site
Also a chance facebook and twitter to ignite

Yes this is not a joke
This is the deal I just stroke

Got my subscription pack
Many publications I will rack

Looking for the future fortune and fame
I am all-in in this poetic game

Soon everyone will know about Poets United
Cause we stand strong together never divided

So everyone who is making the first steps now
Will gain much more when our community grow

That is it for today
Everyone who comes here should stay


By Angel Veselinov @angelveselinov

Thank You All. For Reading. God Bless You All. I wanted to point out what is all about the Poet’s Spot on Poetsunited.org website. I encourage all subscribers to make their Poet’s Spot Publication . 🙂 If you have any questions how to do it. Do not hesitate to contact me or other restless souls on the server to help you out.