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Poets United now has their own $upcom bot! (explanation & howto)

We have lift-off! We have our own $upcom bot!


Good evening everyone!

You lucky subscribers now have the first $upcom bot in the Discord Universe!

Our $upcom and $upvote bot are working together, which gives you the option to either:

  • upvote two posts (your own or not)
  • upvote one post (your own or not) and one comment (not your own)
  • upcom two comments (not your own)


And you can do this every day! So, if you have one or two votes left, you can choose to upvote the best comments to your own posts. This way we can really reward the people that take the time to write a thoughtful or otherwise great comment, of course you could still add your own vote to that if the comment made you cry or laugh 😀

This bot was written by a.o. @yanosh01 and @madevi, please consider voting for @yanosh01 and @enginewitty as witness! No witnessess, no Steemit! So, please support our own witnessess! It won’t cost you a thing, you have 30(!) votes to cast for witnessess, so why not use them? And you can also revoke those votes if you really feel the need to… So, nothing to lose, only community to win…

I am hoping this will entice people to write better comments as well as you guys upvoting them and so to a better community.

Please upcom the deserving!

Now, how to use the $upcom bot/command?

This howto assumes you are already registered by our bot. If you are not click HERE.

So, you got this awesome comment, huh?

Well, next to the comment you like so much there is a time:

Right click that and select “copy link location” or equivalent:



Next you go to our Discord server into the #upvote-comment channel under the POETSUNITED.ORG MEMBERSHIP section and simply do:


and press enter!

That’s it!

@madevi for @poetsunited!


Delegate To @poetsunit Upvote and Upcomment Bot !

What you will get when delegating 100 SP or more : Subscribers Role ! + 2 upvotes (on trail full voting power at subscribers value) 2 upcomments ( 0,05 SBD Right Now ) We welcome everyone who wants to Donate Delegation to the Bot. If you are already a member of the community and want to help out a bit with the bot Powers, you are welcome to chip in any amount of SP Delegation can be easily managed HERE – By making delegations and donations to the bot you help the poetry community and all minnows to put a bit more value on their posts. The Free Upvote Function Will Remain For Time Being As We Want to Give Back To the Steemit Community. Right now we are giving for free 1/10 th of the Bot Power to Free Users so we think this is a reasonable amount to share.


Here is the new post of our community free upvote bot LINK
Here is the post about the Free Upvote Bot
If you want to know more about the Subscription Pack Click Here

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