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Crystal Cave – Mystical Poetry

ood day to you all, I hope you are doing very well
and that you follow your hearts as I work hard to try to do every day.

Today I wanted to share a poem I wrote on YouTube, trying out how it was to just… write a poem on video. The result is a quite “slow” movie, even though a lot is edited away. This is the second one from the series (if I remember correctly), and here I was inspired by some crystals and a profound feeling of alien mysteries!

I made this poem up as I filmed the video, and it took me approximately 30 minutes to write it. I am quite pleased, especially with how I made the end of it!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this piece!

Crystal Cave

It glimmered as I saw it,
this light and cryptic wave:
a sacred space of crystals
I found inside a cave.

The crystals were these secret rooms
with lights inside each one
and all of them were special
made in the sign of sun.

And then I saw this greatest thing,
the crystals carried texts
I saw these ancient symbols
a language quite perplexed.

At last, I found the answer
in middle of the room
a little book with ancient signs
inside this age-old tomb.

But knowledge, stay forbidden!
I’m scared of ancient truths!
I want to stay in status quo
and hide these sacred proofs!

So, I went home and hid my tracks
I never told a soul
and rest is story – how you found
this poem in a scroll.


Dearest Reader,

I hope you enjoyed – and if you want me to write something poetic and mysterious – you may only ask!

Until then – Peace out!