Poets United: How to vote for a witness tutorial. What is a Witness?

This is a tutorial on how to vote for a witness.

How To Witness Tutorial

Now many of you might think: What does a witness do and why should i care?

Well, @stach wrote this post that will answer most of your questions nicely, read it if the above question came to your mind.

So, when you are ready to cast your first vote for witness this is how to do it:

First, make sure you are logged into Steemit.


Second: click the three stripes on the top right:











Third: click vote for witness:


Fourth: scroll down to the bottom of the page and fill in the name of the witness in the TOP box:



Fifth: Log into your account with your username and password or active key:

All done! If all went well, you should see the name of the witness you voted for (in this case Yanosh01) here:










That was easy wasn’t it? Did you know that you can vote for more than one witness? You can even vote for 30 of them! You can also revoke your vote if you would wish to do so.

I hope you found this tutorial informative!

@madevi for @poetunited