Poet's Spot


The entity of our thought, the soul perspective that us as a common are resident unconquerable above the frail limits of creatures. For all their gait and flight and howl and hiss and fin and glint in an ever unrolling carpet of variety,it is such that, beneath us. The interaction of two different plains like that of a bird in its complexity to other birds is but a trivial chirp to our auditory stature. Nevertheless, it’s this observable distinction that places the universe beyond us, beyond our frail limits. All our problems, our sorrows and anguish and suffering of violence and hatred and chaos and destruction maddeningly woven into every aspect of beauty and love and hope and happiness until it’s an unending rope of failure strangling and suffocation. It’s all simple chirps to the conversation of stars that take resident above. We are above the simple and simply below what’s above. Humanity is to the creatures of the earth what the universe is to us.