Poets United : Basic Subscription Pack Explained (Self-Funding-Community-Model)

We are proud to present [PoetsUnited.Org] and @poetsunited new official account

We introduced the monthly “basic subscription pack” 3 Days ago and now want to explain the whole Idea behind it.

By having such a service Poets United gives the amazing opportunity to poets to be able to write publications for an on-line magazine for Poetry and Prose (

Furthermore the contributions made by authors in the website will be paid (depending on the overall income of the society). So actually when you pay that 0,5 SBD to subscribe for a month. You give yourself a chance to make some publications and get paid for that. In the process you get recognition as well on other social networks Twitter, Facebook, As we have accounts on all of them and they are linked with our website.

It is all based on the “distribution of funds model” that we introduced in our first post … Here is an example of how things would work with a 100 Subscribers …

A 100 subscribers means we will have 50SBD of funds to use per month. That would mean 5 sbd for maintenance, 15 SBD for contibutors, 15 for delegation or powering up the community account and 15 SBD for promotion.

In this case if we have 24 Daily Doses per month and 24 community reports, those 15 SBD would be divided by 48 = 0.3125 SBD per author per issue.

Furthermore the authors will receive 10% of the SBD/Steem rewards from every community publication they wrote From the website.

Also by being a subscriber you will be able to write “The Hunt”, this is a special curation of Poets United where we hunt for new poets that just came to Steemit. We try to give them exposure for their work and also recruit them into the community. This post is done directly from your own account, and you can find a template form in #the-hunt-curation channel in Discord. The only rule for The Hunt is sharing 50% of the SBD/Steem rewards from this post with @Poetsunited.

So you see that it would be easy to get back your monthly subscription (or even more depending on the number of subscribers) And gain much more than that by becoming part of this new innovative community for Poets.

This is just the beginning so without telling too much I can say that more subscription packs are coming soon.

So lets recap on what this subscription pack Includes.

We have invented a new role: “subscriber”, this role will come with some nice perks.

What you will get as a subscriber:

  • Membership In (Authors account + access to special tutorial sections)
  • Access to the section in our Discord.
  • 1 published poem on per month in the Poet’s Spot section.
  • 3 Resteems per month from @cleansingpoetry (Our bot for resteems and upvotes exclusive for poetry).
  • The ability to post in #subscriber-promo-chanel, and always (at least) get mentioned in the Daily Dose.
  • Access to the #crypto-help channel where you can ask and get your questions answered.
  • A special channel will be created in Authors-Self-Promotion section to promote your works
  • Tutorial section ( How to succeed In decentralized social networks )

This package will cost you only 0.5 SBD per month, to be paid before the first of the month to @poetsunited with the memo “subsciber fee MONTH”. Where month obviously should be the name of the next month. From the moment of your first payment you will be a subscriber for free untill the month you paid for starts.

In order to use your 3 free resteems please go to the membership category #request-resteem and post your link. You can choose which posts of yours you want to be resteemed.
If you want to publish your poem on the website, please, after you publish it say so in #poet’s-spot channel. So it will be reviewed and published by one of the available members.

Please support each other and engage genuinely! Poets Unite! Together We are stronger!

How the subscription money will be used:

10% – goes to technical Support, the cost of running the website and VPS for the bots.
30% – goes to our auto upvote bot @poetsunit similar ( in the works )
30% – goes to contributors (rewards for writing the Daily Dose and other Community Issues)
30% – goes towards funding contests, advertising, sponsorships etc.

We will be keeping transparent records of where all money went and why … This is key part of our community idea. Also we are working towards becoming a legal entity as a non profit organization.

So we encourage everyone to try it out and enjoy the ride. There are many new things coming your way. Thank you all for the support and dedication.

Poets United :

Restless Souls Team ( @angelveselinov, @madevi, @poetrybyjeremy, @ange.nkuru, @chaosreignstv, @run-the-bits)

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