How to subscribe to @poetsunited subscriber package tutorial

So, you want to subscribe to @poetsunited, because you want those perks, but you’re not sure how to do it?

Look no further, let me explain step by step how to do it!

First, you must be logged in to you Steemit account, done that?

Then step 2 is to click on your avatar in the top right corner, like this:


Step 3, click on “wallet”:



Step 4, click on the triangle next to “STEEM DOLLARS”:



Step 5, click on “transfer”:



Step 6, in the “TO” field write “Poetsunited”, without the @:



Step 7, write the amount and the memo, for basic subscriber package enter 0.5 and use the memo “Subscriber fee” and add the month the fee is for, in this case “May”:



Almost done, now all you need to do is press “Submit” and enter your password to confirm the transfer!


Your transfer will be processed and is visible in your wallet!

Thanks for subscribing to our community!