Live Talk Show

Steemit Poets United : Reminder Friday Poetic Talk Show 10 PM GMT (Dlive) #13

Hey Everyone. Reminder for the Dlive Poetic Live Talk Show Tonight. Everyone is welcome…

Tonight we (@angelveselinov, @madevi, @ange.nkuru, @chaosreignstv) are going to discuss the changes and improvements that are coming to Poets United.

If you have been following what is happening you must already know that the Daily Dose has not been done for a week and that is for a reason.

Since we have started the group and the Daily Curation effort we feel like it has been undervalued. That is why we will introduce a different way for people to participate in it if they really want to and if they feel it is worth it.

We will be playing some Music from steemit artists once again. So tune in for the ride.

As usual we will be giving out rewards to people in the audience.

If you want to watch the previous broadcasts here is a link to them all

Join our Dlive shows on Friday nights 10 PM GMT

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#POETSUNITED (use it to be considered for the Daily Dose)

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